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Feedback from Students

Dr. Manthan Darji ( M.B.B.S | 1st Batch, Naranpura, 2009 )

It Was Good Experience To Learn Biology With You.. Your Positivity And Dedication Towards Your Work---> "AWESOME"... Your Relation With Your Students Are "GOOD"... I Will Always Try To Make You Feel PROUD... LOVE YOU SIR. (Wall par lakhela marks haju pan yaad 6e SIR.)

Krishna patel ( B.P.T | Naranpura, 2016 )

It was awesome experience of us to learn the biology with king of biology chintan sir .. the teaching method of sir is very different n so good I feel proud that the i am the student of chintan sir thank you so much sir for everything

Shaili Trivedi (Bsc Forensic science,Canada) ( OTHER | Naranpura, 2012 )

There is no doubt that Chintan sir is best in teaching biology. The lectures were so interesting and interactive. Besides being a good teacher he is also a motivator. His vision for life taught me leassons which are helpful in achieving my dreams today. His positivity and dedication towards his work is amazing! Cheers!!

Vidhi Vora ( B.Pharm | Jaydeep tower, 2015 )

He is real THALIVA for biology. A perfect combination of good friend and honourable teacher. His method of teaching is awesome.

Vrushaank ( B.Pharm | Jaydeep tower, 2011 )

Jordaar teaching methods...the ease of studying biology redefined

Nishant Patel ( B.Pharm | Satyam Mall, 2011 )

Wonderful Teacher; Wonderful Person; Lifelong learner; Truely a friend. Chintan sir is a real BOSS of Biology. The way he explained the concepts of Biology had took a permenant place in my mind. I am sure after 5 years I can recall my concepts of Biology. All credits goes to him. An excellent biology teacher should have sound knowledge of Biology and a applied way of teaching. Chintan sir is beyond on this criteria with soft skills and motivational speeches. Enjoyed coming to class everyday !

Vandan Doshi ( OTHER | Satyam Mall, 2017 )

Chintan sir is one of the best sir i ever met in my life.The way of teaching you have sir is your best part.Your relations with your students are awesome.For every single topic you come up with new techniques due to which hard topics can also be understood very easily.You always be there if any problem occurs.Sir I will always try to make you feel proud and never let you down.Thank you very much sir to come in my life!!

Dr Kruti bhatt ( B.A.M.S | Dharnidhar, 2008 )

Thanks sir..๐Ÿ™ got so much from you.. you are just amazing..

Ishan shukla ( B.P.T | Satyam mall, 2017 )

Chintan sir is the best sir ever the way he teaches the hardwork he does the methodology he uses. And the best thing about chintan sir is he stays in touch with you forever, even after your education gets completed. He is a motivator, he is a guide , he is a friend , he is the best biology teacher .

Karan Yagnik ( M.B.B.S | Science , 2013 )

Most lively interaction while studying b/w Sir and student is the most important part to get success in your student life .... and that I ve got because of you. Thank you very much sir !!

Dhruvisha patel ( B.P.T | Satyam mall, 2015 )

I had great time with CHINTAN SIR and a i earned great knowledge from him and because of him after two years i will become a physiotherapist as a student of govt spine institute, civil hospital , ahmedabad

Rushi Brahmbhatt ( M.B.B.S | Satyam mall , satellite, 2015 )

For every student who want to bloom like a flower in the garden of life ....I insist them all Chintan shah sir is the best gardener who will always there for you to conquer your dreams

Drashti Zaveri ( B.Pharm | Biology, 2010 )

Best teacher for biology. Teaching method is on point. Great motivation came from Chintan Sir. Great teacher and role model.

Shreyal Shah ( B.Pharm | Dhanidhar, Jaydeep tower, 2015 )

One of the best sir. Had a great experience with you sir. Your teaching skill and your nature towards students is the best. Best biology sir. You are My motivator, My well wisher, My friend, My sir. Had one of the best experience with you sir ๐Ÿ˜Š

Amul Modi ( M.B.B.S | Naranpura, 2012 )

The Man, who knows how to teach the students, not only Biology, but also the lessons of life. Always available to resolve queries. Heartily Respectable Person.

Darshan Tijoriwala ( B.Sc | Naranpura, 2015 )

Teaching is very good and and a worthy class for biology. Keep it up and go on improving

Joyal Arya ( B.Sc | Vastrapur, 2015 )

I liked the way of maintaining my consistency by giving constant tests (oral and written both) which helped me lot for growing my self confidence in the subject. Also I loved the examples given by sir for particular topics.........

Ahir parul s. ( OTHER | 2013-2014, 2014 )

Imaging teaching method....!!!

Monil ( OTHER | Vastrapur, 2017 )

Sir is very friendly and at the same time he teaches well and clears the doubt .concepts are thoroughly taught by sir

Vishal Bhalani ( M.B.B.S | Naranpura, 2015 )

Everything is absolutely perfect.

Krunal patel ( B.Pharm | Satellite , 2015 )

Excellent love the way he teach us nd more important his friendly nature ๐Ÿค—.

Dr. Surbhi Vaishnav ( M.B.B.S | VASANA, 2009 )

sir yor are an amazing teacher. Thank you for everything.

Dr. Krupa vaghela ( B.H.M.S | Dharnidhar, 2009 )

Sir gave a true motivation. Really because of your motivation in 12th std. I at at this position right now. Thank you very much sir.

Shah charchit ( M.B.B.S | Jaydeep tower, 2017 )

Just one thing..........awwwwwwwwwwwwsm expirence bcoz of sirs teaching methods and Sir himself๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

BHIMDEVSINH SAGAR ( OTHER | Dharnidhar, 2008 )

It was nice experience and style of Study by you ever I seen. Unfortunately I am not in field of Biology but still I am connected with Nature Study

Sanghvi Vaibhav Atulbhai ( M.B.B.S | Jodhpur, 2014 )

Chintan Sir, one of the best teacher I hve ever met. Everytime you came with new and easy methods to teach us. Your teaching skill, relation with students, fun loving nature are just awesome๐Ÿ˜„ You are a true guide and Friend cum Teacher๐Ÿ˜„

Aesha Rajguru ( B.Sc | Paldi, 2017 )

Ur teaching method is really good.. Proud to have a sir like uh ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Dr Pranav shah ( B.D.S | Paldi, 2005 )

Best teacher I have ever met.... though it was your beginning,but still damn good as new comer...

Drashti shah ( M.B.B.S | Paldi, 2016 )

Great experience. U seems like very fun.i rembember for teaching one topic u danced like dharmendra step of ymla pagla diwana.u never give burden of any kinda writing h.w. and ur motivation lectures after our result came .it was just so innovative.u taught us gr8 with fun in every way possible.

Fazila Saiyed ( B.Pharm | Dharnidhar, 2012 )

Thanking sir for making my life great or in other words where I am today is only due to your support....

Neel shah ( B.A.M.S | Satyam, 2015 )

U r d best sir...

Dr. Jeni Shah PT ( B.P.T | Biology, 2009 )

Have completed my masters of physiotherapy in orthopedics and having govt job. All because of sir motivation and guidance

Luv Arya ( M.B.B.S | Satellite, 2013 )

The best experience i have ever got. Its all coz of you sir, you are the best teacher i have got and you are my career and moral maker. Thank you so much for everything. Always indebted to you..๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Parshwa ( B.P.T | Jaydeep Tower, 2017 )

Chintan Sir Is the most amazing Human being that I๏ฟฝve ever came across with!! By far he is the best teacher ever ! Other than that he is a great guider for new students!!